2018 Is the Year to River Raft in Idaho

River Rafting in Stanley

Now that the weather is warming up, it's time to start finalizing your big summer plans. If you haven't already started thinking about it, we want to recommend you consider river rafting this year. 2018 is going to be a great year for it.

From Boise, it's a quick trip to Stanley where you can hit the Salmon River. The Salmon is un-dammed, which means it is free-flowing and built up from rain and snow. It's a natural river with scenic routes, unlike anything you've seen before.

Thanks to the lighter winter, the beaches along the Salmon are expected to be extra great this year. That means larger sandy beaches that make relaxing for the day a fun and comfortable experience.

The Salmon River can be very temperate for swimming, too, thanks to the areas of calm waters that are able to be warmed by the sun. In many places (near those sandy beaches!), the water temperature can even get into the 70s, so it's perfect for afternoon dips.

This past winter being mild also means that many people are able to book their rafting trips earlier. It's not too late to plan for early summer. In fact, it's sure to be an excellent and long rafting season. Enjoy everything the Salmon River has to offer, including clear waters and gorgeous views all summer long.

It's the perfect time to start planning your trip. The easiest part of planning? Arranging transportation. Let Caldwell Transportation get you there and get you home. We have been providing shuttle service to Stanley for over a decade and a half. Our service is easy, affordable, and convenient!

Get started on your river rafting adventure planning. Contact Caldwell Transportation today!

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