The 3 Commandments of Winter in Sun Valley

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Just because winter is on the way doesn’t mean we should stop planning to travel. Though enjoyable throughout the year, Sun Valley is particularly exciting in the winter. Here are the three things you must do.

1. Hit the Slopes

No destination says skiing or snowboarding quite like Sun Valley. In fact, it sings it. Sun Valley has been a place many have journeyed to, to enjoy its winter sports. With over 2,000 acres of varied terrain that reaches 3,400 vertical feet, it's hard to imagine getting bored here. Baldy Mountain is not only fun; it's luxurious. The Seattle Ridge Day Lodge provides sweeping views of the Wood River Valley while serving lunch for hungry thrill seekers.

2. Relax at the Sun Valley Lodge

The Sun Valley Lodge has just finished renovations and is more enticing than ever. Book a spa day after a contemplative session in the new yoga studio. Then take a dip in the year-round heated saline pool with views of Baldy Mountain. The Sun Valley Lodge is indeed an experience in elegant comfortability.

3. Celebrate Your Favorite Holiday

Sun Valley provides unique opportunities to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. The Sun Valley Lodge hosts a Thanksgiving Buffet that doesn’t disappoint. It would be difficult to describe what you can expect to find at this one of a kind buffet as everything is on the menu. If you plan to ski, the Sun Valley Lodge provides Thanksgiving packages that include boarding, the Thanksgiving buffet, and lift tickets. For those wanting to spend Christmas in Sun Valley, you’ll be delighted with the light displays and sleigh bell rides. New Years is also a perfect time to visit as the Sun Valley Resort hosts the annual New Year’s Eve Bubbly Bash.

Missing winter in Sun Valley would be a real shame. The driving time should not deter you as the Sun Valley Express is available to offer safe and reliable transportation. Call us today to begin planning your trip!

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