3 Easy Ways to Stay Safe at Bogus Basin this Winter

Skiing at Bogus Basin

We are in the midst of winter and taking full advantage of all its activities, albeit the serious lack of snow this year. We are lucky to have the Bogus Basin Mountain right in their backyard. Here are three ways to stay safe up there this winter.

1. Prevent Common Injuries

Skiing and snowboarding accidents can occur in a myriad of ways. Falling, ill-fitting equipment, taking runs above your skill level, and not making adequate stops for rest can all lead to common injuries. Skiers and snowboarders alike can experience a torn ACL, head injuries, dislocations or fractures, and spinal injuries.

To prevent an accident from happening (to the best of your ability) stay aware of your current skill level and what runs to avoid. If you need help getting on and off the lift, let the attendant know so that they can assist you. Lastly, make sure you are in good condition to hit the slopes. Illness or low cardiovascular strength can lead to injury.

2. Dress for Success

Having the right equipment for skiing and snowboarding can make all the difference when it comes to being safe. Wear layers appropriate to the temperature and always pack gloves or mittens. Goggles and a helmet are also a must when preventing head injuries. Even if the sun isn’t shining brightly, apply at least an SPF 30 to limit UV exposure.

3. Stay Aware

Depending on the day, Bogus Basin can be full of people. Keep an eye on those around you and try to alert other skiers and snowboarders if you feel yourself coming to close to them. Collisions can result in painful injuries that neither party wants to experience.

Now that you’ve caught up on staying safe at Bogus Basin, its time to get up there! Instead of driving, relax on your way up the mountain and let a licensed professional take the wheel. The Bogus Basin Ski Bus is $13 round trip and has multiple locations to catch a ride. The trip is always more relaxing when you don’t have to be the driver, and you can put your feet up.

To learn more about the Bogus Basin Ski Bus call us today!

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