4 Techniques to Improve Your Skiing

how to improve your skiing techniques

The snow is falling and finally sticking to the ground; it’s time to ski! People in the Treasure Valley are lucky to have a few resorts to choose from including Bogus Basin. Now that it’s time to head up the mountain, we can finalize preparations for this season. Here are four techniques to make sure you're ready for winter skiing.

1. Cardio

If you’re not active during the year, your first run down the mountain can wipe you out! Prepare for skiing by adding in cardio workouts a couple of times a week. This way you’ll be able to stay out on the mountain far longer.

2. Leg Workouts

In the same vein as adding in cardio, it’s a good idea to work out your legs prior to your first trip to Bogus Basin. Your quads, glutes, and hamstrings are all going to get a big workout. If they have a little prior conditioning you won’t be as sore the day after your ski trip.

3. Equipment Check

You don’t want to get to Bogus Basin only to find out your gear isn’t ready. To make sure your equipment is ready to go, do a pre-trip check. Make sure your ski pants and jacket fit comfortably and don’t have any defects. It’s also a good idea to get a ski boot fitting if you have new boots or haven’t worn yours in a while.

4. Stretch

Just as it is important to build up stamina and strength, stretching your muscles will help your body recover. Stretch before and after skiing to increase flexibility which will help prevent injury.

Preparing your body and equipment is the best way to ensure an awesome season. If you’re looking to travel to Bogus Basin stress-free, you should check out our Bogus Basin Ski Bus schedule! It’s an excellent way to relax and let a professional driver take the wheel. To learn more about the shuttle, give us a call today!

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