Booking a Charter for a Corporate Retreat? Here are 6 Tips!

Planning for a Charter Bus

Planning a corporate retreat is a big undertaking and takes particular attention. When it comes to transporting your employees a charter bus is your best bet. Here are six tips to maximize your experience.

  1. Plan Your Route - If you are making multiple stops to pick up members of your staff, you need to plan the route ahead of time. Pick two to three destinations to have employees meet at and then schedule times to make the pickup.
  2. Add Driving Time Into Your Schedule - When you are scheduling events such as dinner or tours, consider the time it will take to get there. Don’t forget to include making multiple pickups and rest stops in your estimation.
  3. Book Ahead of Time - A corporate retreat includes a lot of people, many of whom don’t want to be left behind. Forgetting to book a charter bus early enough can result in not enough seats being available. Also, some companies may charge a higher price for last minute bookings.
  4. Include Accessibility Features - A charter bus is a large vehicle that can be difficult to board and impossible for someone in a wheelchair if it’s not handicap accessible.
  5. Publish Your Transportation Information - Let your employees know when and where they need to be for pickup and where they will be dropped off. This can help people makes plans with family members.
  6. Hire an Experience Charter Bus Company - Nothing can ruin an experience like a poor customer service interaction. Caldwell Transportation specializes in 46-56 passenger motor coaches with amenities.

We are happy to get your group to a corporate retreat in style! For booking information call us today!

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