Appreciate the End of Summer with Sensational Biking Trails

Enjoy the mountain bike trails of Bogus Basin

Summer isn’t over yet! There is still plenty of time to get outside and enjoy all that the Bogus Basin has to offer. Here’s a great idea for some family fun in September—catch the shuttle for Bogus Basin to get in your last mountain biking trips of the summer! Remember to have fun, but always follow trail etiquette on your adventures.

Bogus Basin Biking

Bogus Basin offers some of the best mountain biking in the area. Whether you are the adventurous type or just want to enjoy nature from your bike, the Bogus Basin has a trail for you. World-class biking is available right at home. Check out the “Around the Mountain” trail, which has been ranked the number one trail in Idaho and one of the top 40 in the entire country.

From Bogus Basin, you have so many biking options, including the Mahalo and Dry Creek trails, plus many others depending on your skill level and interest. And don’t worry if you are new to biking, there are plenty of moderate paths you can try when you are just getting started. Next thing you know, you will be coming back for more challenging treks.

Important Information

The Bogus Basin is all about safe family fun, so we want to remind you of some important details.

  • These trails are managed and maintained through a unique partnership between government agencies, private landowners, organizations, and individuals. Always respect Mother Nature and follow all posted signs and rules.
  • Free trail maps are available at the administrative offices located at 2600 N. Bogus Basin Road as well as at the Simplot Lodge Base Area ticket window. Want a sneak peek to help you plan? Click here!
  • Always plan a safe, appropriate route for your family and friends. Stay hydrated and energized with water and snacks. Respect others on the trails.
  • The Bogus Basin is a pack-in/pack-out area, which means you must take any trash or garbage with you when you leave. Never leave any litter. Your cooperation allows others to enjoy these beautiful trails.
  • You are sharing this space with wildlife so please respect their home. Never spook or attempt to touch animals or wildlife.

If you have any questions about transportation, contact us today.

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