Charter a Bus for Your Next Big Event

Charter a Bus

Summer is here, and with it come the big events of the year. Weddings, conventions, company parties, and family reunions fill up our weekends throughout the summer months. Have you thought about transportation for you and your large group?

Why not take the worry out of planning how to get there and take the bus with Caldwell Transportation? Hiring a charter bus is a great choice that can enhance the affordability and convenience of your trip. Trips that we often accommodate include:

  • Conventions
  • Field trips
  • Camps
  • Company parties
  • Church events
  • Family reunions
  • Rafting trips
  • Wine tours
  • Wedding shuttles

The Affordability Benefit

When a large group of people needs to get to the same place, a charter bus is one of the most affordable options, and often the most affordable. You'll spend a flat fee based on how far you're traveling rather than paying per person or per car.

The Convenience Factor

Chartering a bus is significantly more convenient than many other methods of transportation. When there's a bus available, more people will attend your event since they won't have to handle transportation themselves. Also, everyone will be on time and together, making event coordination much easier.

Another thing many people enjoy about buses is the ride itself. This can be an excellent time to prepare for a big upcoming business meeting with co-workers or do team-building exercises with student groups. For families and friends, busses are a nostalgic place to talk, play games, and start your vacation.

There are many reasons to charter a bus with Caldwell Transportation, but affordability and convenience are two of the top. To learn more about our chartered buses, contact us or by giving us a call.

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