Do You Have Reliable Transportation to Bogus This Winter?

sports car on snowy road

Ski season is right around the corner, and Caldwell Transport has the perfect solution to your transportation problem. When you feel the morning getting cold in Idaho, it is a sure sign that snow is on the way. Skiing is one of the most popular past times in this area but getting to the mountain is not always easy. Bogus is growing every year and has so many activities to enjoy.

Bogus Basin has many things to offer such as:

  • Cross-country skiing on 23 miles of Nordic trails.
  • 2,600 acres of mixed runs, bowls, and glades
  • 900 groomed acres
  • Numerous hills with a variety of difficulty levels
  • The Gold Rush Tubing Hill
  • A lodge with delicious food and comfortable seating

Bogus Basin will open soon and usually closes the weekend preceding April 15, depending on snow conditions of course. They see an average annual snowfall of about 200–250 inches. It is a great place to have a fun day of hitting the slopes and relaxing in the lodge or an exhilarating ride down a hill on a tube. If you are excited about a trip to Bogus Basin, then you’ll be even more excited that you don’t have to take your car up there because you can take the Bogus Basin Shuttle. This cuts out the hassle of driving up the mountain when the road conditions are often not ideal. You can trust that our drivers have experience driving in these road conditions and will get you there safely. The shuttle is also great if you have a big group of people joining you on the slopes. Instead of taking multiple cars you can all enjoy yourselves in a comfortable bus.

The cost:

  • Round-trip (purchase from driver upon boarding bus) $13.00
  • One-way (purchase from driver upon boarding bus) $8.00
  • Book of 10 tickets $117.00
  • 9:00pm departure from Bogus $2.00 additional charge (round-trip, one-way)

Be sure to visit our Bogus Basin Shuttle page for more details on your trip! Do something fun this winter and go to Bogus Basin.

Contact us today to learn more and to get our shuttle schedule.

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