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Caldwell Transportation has been a longstanding mainstay of the Treasure Valley, bringing its citizens the transportation they need in many different respects. There are many different things that we handle and that we consider ourselves quite good at. This includes operating school buses for the children of the valley and making sure they arrive at their destinations safely every day. While this is certainly not the only thing we specialize in, we certainly take it as a token of pride in what we provide for the community.

Since we have been around the block for more than a few years, we can confidently say what our community needs in terms of transportation. Since we offer more than rides to school, many people of the Treasure Valley have used our services before. We like to spread our services out so that many different types of people can benefit from them.

Different services we offer the community include:

  • School Bus Services- You have no doubt seen our yellow Caldwell Transportation busses from time to time, transporting children to and from school. This is a very important job and we are honored to able to provide it to our community. The safety of the children is our first priority, and getting them safely from point A to point B is our mission.
  • Boise Ski Bus- There is nothing finer than getting up to the mountain for some fresh snow. Caldwell Transportation offers a ski shuttle from the Treasure Valley up to Bogus Basin in the winter so you can take the hassle out of driving up the mountain. Leave in the morning and return at night after a great day of skiing or snowboarding. The Bogus Ski Bus is a staple of the valley.
  • Jackpot Express- For those that want to get away, but don’t want to go too far, we offer the Jackpot Express. We drive from the Treasure Valley down to Cactus Pete’s in Jackpot, NV for those that want to spend a weekend hitting the slots or the craps tables. Have fun in this little border town that includes a few casinos and good times.
  • Idaho River Shuttle- For those that are more into thrill-seeking, we offer a river shuttle during the summer up to Stanley, Idaho. This quaint town with a tiny population is definitely pretty busy in the summer and for good reason! Get on the river shuttle to find out what the fuss is all about when talking about whitewater rafting. Have an adventure in some of the most beautiful parts of Idaho.

As you can see, we offer more than just charter busses. Get on board with Caldwell Transportation today!

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