Don't Let Travel Woes Keep You From Sun Valley!

Road from Boise to Sun Valley

Sun Valley has a lot to offer--but that doesn't mean anything if you're stuck in Boise with no easy, cost-efficient, and safe way to travel. These travel woes can ruin everything. Don't let that stand in the way of all the fun you could have; just hire a charter bus, and all your worries go out the window!

Get to Sun Valley

You've probably heard a thing or two about what Sun Valley has to offer. The truth is that, as human beings, it's easier to ignore the details if we think we'll never be able to enjoy them (which is the case when you don't have a good way to travel). Well, now you don't have to convince yourself that Sun Valley is something you can skip. This gorgeous hot-spot boasts all kinds of unique forms of entertainment, from ice skating to horseback rides to skiing, and you can take it all in from one of many luxurious lodging options. Here, the best of nature meets the best of city living. And the best part? You can get there quickly, easily, and totally stress-free: all you have to do is schedule your trip with Sun Valley Express.

A Charter Bus Ride from Boise to Sun Valley

Any charter bus ride is full of benefits and enjoyment, but a trip from Boise to Sun Valley is truly an experience to remember--and here's why.

  • Details. One of the most difficult parts of travel--the details--becomes one of the easiest when you use a charter bus. This means that you can completely customize your trip, changing everything from the time of departure and arrival, where you leave from, and, even better, you have control over who's coming (so you and your travel companions won't have to worry about not getting seats together).
  • Views. If you're driving to Sun Valley yourself, then you won't get to really enjoy all the views that the trip has to offer. Don't let your GPS be the only thing you see on the drive; hire a charter bus, and enjoy every mile.
  • Comfort. When you drive your own vehicle, you incur all kinds of discomfort--but when you take a charter bus, there's nothing but comfort. That means reasonable costs (better than paying for gas), entertainment options from DVD to wifi (which you wouldn't be able to enjoy if you were driving), and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that an expert is driving you.

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