Getting on the River with a River Shuttle

River Rafting Idaho

The summer means a lot of things for those who are familiar with Idaho summers. It can mean fun days in the sun, hiking and climbing some beautiful mountains, and of course, catching some great white water. At Caldwell Transportation, we’re big fans of whitewater and whitewater rafting. That’s why we run a river shuttle up to Stanley for those rafting enthusiasts looking for some of the best whitewater in the country.

We like to run river shuttles from the Treasure Valley up to Stanley during the summer so more and more people can have fun on the rivers. Having an experienced driver take you up to Stanley in the summer so you can focus getting on the river is always a good idea. That way you can sit back and relax to enjoy the beautiful Sawtooth scenery as you take the road up to secluded Stanley. Although it is a reservation only service, which we require within 48 hours of the trip, getting to your destination with us is worth it.

Benefits of using our Idaho River Shuttle include:

  • Our Drivers Know the Road- Getting there isn’t the problem, but getting there in a nice and comfortable fashion is another thing entirely. Our drivers are experienced on the road up to Stanley and we love driving new people up to enjoy the beauty. Be comfortable as you take the scenic ride up to the Sawtooths from the Treasure Valley.
  • Get on the River in No Time- The ride up to Stanley from the Boise airport is approximately three hours. This is a very convenient time for anyone driving up to vacation. As our river shuttle leaves around 4 pm, you’ll be in Stanley that evening around 7 pm, giving you plenty of time to settle in a for the next day’s activities.
  • Relatively Low Cost- It’s definitely going to cost something to get up to Stanley, regardless of what mode of transportation you choose. With our river shuttle service, you’re looking at $100 one-way or $195 round-trip. This gives you the ride and the convenience of a professional service taking you to your destination.

Get on board with our Idaho River Shuttle service and cruise up to Stanley in style this summer!

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