Go Green with Bus Charters

Go Green with Bus Charters

Ever since the price of gasoline skyrocketed a matter of months ago, people have been looking for an alternative to driving. Therefore, motor coaches or buses have become a great option.

A bus charter offers 148.4 passenger miles per gallon of fuel. Compare that to your personal vehicle which averages about 35.4 passenger miles per gallon.
Bus charters can be used for a variety of things including:

  • Corporate retreats
  • Special events
  • Long distance travel
  • School functions

In addition to decreasing the environmental effect, bus charters provide convenient transportation. If you are holding a special event, a bus charter will not only help save gas for your guests, but it will also avoid the nightmare of handling parking.

To learn more about how bus charters can help serve your transportation needs, contact us today.

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