Have You Planned Your Rafting Trip?

River Rafting Idaho

Rafting is amazing, especially in Idaho. There's something for everyone: scenic views for nature lovers, exhilaration for adventurers, exercise for the fitness nuts. River rafting offers different grades of rapids, and different times of year offer various perks. If you're thinking of next year's adventure, here are some things to consider about whitewater rafting in Idaho.

It's a Workout

But a fun one! Your guide will do most of the work, but expect to burn calories as you do your part to maneuver the raft. Many rafters report soreness the day after, so you know that you're doing your body good! Exercise in general, and rafting in particular, offers great psychological benefits, too.

There Are Risks, But Not Like You'd Think

Sure, capsizing and getting thrown out happen, but your guide is prepared for those things. You'll get a rundown of what to do in case of some excitement. More often are slips, spills, and wild paddles. Your outfitter will make sure everyone knows what's going on and has proper gear.

Gear is Key

Contacting your outfitter for advice is key. You'll want to know whether or not you'll need a wetsuit, what sorts of gear you'll need, and so forth. Your helmet and PFD (personal flotation device) are the key items that you'll need, no matter where or when you go.

Be sure to leave all your valuables at home, bring sunscreen, and most importantly, have fun!

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