How Bogus Basin Could Be Your Winter AND Summer Destination

year round actives at Bogus Basin

Coming off of two strong snow seasons at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area, the primary winter activity mountain is developing into a year-round destination. People from all over the Treasure Valley have enjoyed hiking the recreation area in summer but are mostly drawn in the winter for skiing and snowboarding. Bogus Basin has built many new features that open it up to enjoyment over multiple seasons.

A New Focus On Summer

To add to the summer hiking activities on the mountain, Bogus Basin has invested in family-friendly features. Between the Coach and Deer Point chairlifts there will be a 32-foot climbing wall, a four-trampoline bungee jump, gold panning and other activities.

They also extended the tubing season by installing a new conveyor belt for two lanes of 300-ft tubing on recycled traffic barrels. Speeds will reach up to 25 mph!

Bicyclists will be happy to find new bike skills and pump track behind the loading area for the Morning Star lift as well as more signage around the mountain.

The biggest development for summer is the mountain coaster. The coaster will take a rider from Simplot Lodge to Pioneer Lodge up 1,000 feet and then drop them for a descent of 2,400 feet. It’s a gravity controlled ride with a braking system the rider can use. The mountain coaster lasts 8 to 10 minutes.

Wintertime Additions

Even though most of the additions to Bogus Basin are to bring people up for summer, they double as winter improvements. The newly installed conveyor belts will create a new beginner ski and snowboard progression. The area that was a drop-off parking previously has been raised to accommodate kids and beginners along with a 70-foot conveyor lift.

Visitors will also enjoy a heated paver patio in front of the lodge where they can grab lunch at a new outdoor food window with a grill. Not to mention you will now be able to sit outside around two propane fire rings.

Coming In 2018

The recreation area improvements are still in the works. Coming in 2018 is an aerial adventures ropes course. Bogus Basin is working to build it in a zone that blends into the alpine scenery. It will have varying levels of difficulty and may be open in winter.

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