Idaho River Rafting Shuttles: How to Prepare

Idaho River Rafting Shuttles

What do you think of when you envision an adventure? For some of, fantastical images come to mind--knights battling dragons, pirates sailing across the sea, heroes making epic journeys across a vast and perilous land. For others, "adventure" is a little more here-and-now: trying something new, going on vacation, having an exciting experience. For still others, adventure is more a state of mind. Whatever your idea of adventure, it is important to be prepared--and whether that means packing armor strong enough to withstand dragon fire, bringing enough sunscreen, or turning on the GPS before you try that new route to work, it is crucial to know what kind of preparation you'll need for your adventure.

A River Rafting Adventure

If your adventure of choice is river rafting, then you have a unique preparation journey ahead of you. It can be difficult to decide what to bring, what to wear, and how to get there because everything changes depending on the date of your trip, the time of day, the number of people in your party, and your personal experience level. The key is to remember that, to get the most enjoyment out of your adventure, you need to be comfortable. A knight wouldn't bring itchy armor to fight the dragon, right? And no one would want skinny jeans or heavy jewelry or uncomfortable shoes for a walk on the beach, right? Comfort is crucial. The first step is deciding how you'll arrive in comfort, and, luckily, that's the easiest part of preparation--just catch one of our Idaho River Rafting Shuttles!


Once you know how you're going to get there, it's time to decide how to prepare. Here's a quick look!

  • Cold or rainy weather. If your adventure takes you into some rainy territory, your preparation plan will be unique. It is recommended that you wear synthetic materials, like fleece, to keep yourself warm--and don't forget the hat and socks, too!
  • Spring and autumn. For the naturally colder seasons, it's best to wear a wetsuit and a jacket specially designed to protect from whitewater spray. These can usually be rented or purchased from the rafting facility itself, and are available in summer, too.
  • Warm weather. Sunscreen, a swimsuit, shoes that stay on your feet: it sounds like a regular day at the beach--until you add the protective eye-wear, of course. These are crucial aspects to a well-prepared adventure in warmer weather, and, actually, they apply to any weather.

Ready to start your rafting adventure? Looking to catch one of our Idaho River Rafting Shuttles? Contact us today!

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