Idaho Salmon River Rafting: Unique Offer

Shuttle for Salmon River Idaho Rafting

Once you've decided that you want to take a rafting adventure on Idaho's pristine Salmon River, there are only two things left to figure out: one, which rafting trip to take, and two, how to get there. Luckily, we have answers to both.

A Unique Offer

Today, the spotlight falls on a unique offer from Kookaburra Outfitters. Although multi-day rafting adventures offer plenty in the way of sight-seeing, excitement, and adventure, one thing they don't offer is a flushing toilet--and Kookaburra Outfitters set out to fix that (and throw in a few other comforts, too). If you're looking to experience all the thrill of a multi-day rafting trip but not looking to experience camping, fear not: this unique offer will allow you to head out on that rafting adventure, and still have a mattress and a flush toilet to return to at night. It's all thanks to a few remote cabins along the Salmon River. Plus, when you take advantage of this opportunity, you won't have to worry about getting there; our Shuttle for Idaho Salmon River Rafting can get you there and back in utmost comfort.

A Closer Look

If you want more details on this thrilling offer from Kookaburra Outfitters, you've come to the right place!

  • Lodging. After a thrilling day on the water, you'll be just as thrilled at the sight of your cozy little cabin. Situated next to the Salmon River, these comfortable homes-away-from-home come with all the modern comforts--flushing toilets, hot showers, beds, and more.
  • Meals. When you settle into your cabin, you'll meet a lodge host. This individual will handle all of your meal needs for the remainder of the night and into the following morning until you take off on the next leg of your rafting adventure. (That means you won't have to worry about camping or camp food.)
  • Options. If some members of your party are the warm bed, hot shower type, and others are the sleep-under-the-stars type, that's no problem. Kookaburra Outfitters can often provide unique "split" options which allow some folks to sleep outside and some to sleep inside, catering to everyone's needs so that no one has to miss out.

Don't hesitate to check out this unique offer from Kookaburra Outfitters.

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