It's Almost Ski Time!

Praying for snow at Bogus Basin

Are you one of those people who brings others together? You are constantly planning the next event to get all of your friends out and active, and one of your favorite activities is coming up: skiing! The light powder, the company of good friends, there is nothing better. At Caldwell Transportation, we know just the spirit of fun that you are looking for, and we want to help you and your crew get up the mountain! So what are some good options for getting the whole squad to your destination, find a place to stay, rent your gear and get up to that ski hill? Let us take a look.

Find Logging. Now.

Skiing season is not secret, so if you have a destination in mind, remember that you and your group are not the only ones with this idea. If you find lodging sooner than later, you are more likely to find what you want, where you want at a good price.


This is where we come in. We would love nothing more than to bus your crew up the mountain for that fun trip you have been looking forward to all summer! Keeping the group together just makes for more opportunity for a memorable time, right?

Group Discounts, Anyone?

Depending on where you are headed and when you might be able to find some great group discounts on ski passes. It is worth looking into ahead of time! The larger your group, the more opportunities you may find, so plan ahead!

Planning on Getting Hungry?

Scout out some local restaurants who take reservations! If you are bringing everyone along who you wanted to (and all the people they invited), you may not find a good table on a Saturday night.

Rent from Mom & Pop

Renting from a little rental store can often save you big bucks! Research the local prices and see if anything strikes your fancy.

We are so excited for your trip, and we would love to be a part of making it the best! If you need help with transportation, we're here! Just contact us for all of the details.

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