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Cactus Petes in Jackpot NV

Cactus Pete’s is the closest and most entertaining place to go for gaming. The town of Jackpot offers quite a bit for a small little Nevada town. The area holds more for entertainment that improves the Cactus Pete’s experience. Here are a few of the other attractions:

Barton’s Club 93 is a friendly Jackpot casino, hotel, and restaurant. The place offers meeting rooms, buffets, a video arcade and a 24-hour restaurant just waiting to serve you.

Four Jacks Hotel and Casino and West Star Hotel and Casino are cozy gaming and lodging establishments and will help you have a great time!

The Horshu Hotel and Casino is integrated with Cactus Pete’s and offers a classy, enjoyable gaming and entertainment experience.

Overall, Jackpot is a fantastic place to go for a weekend getaway, gaming, entertainment, and parties. To get there, let us help you with our Jackpot Express, Jackpot shuttle, and shuttle to Jackpot services. Contact us today!

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