Make a Trip to Bogus with Us

Bogus basin bus

Winter time, for some people it is the time to stay inside with a warm cup of hot cocoa and for some people, it is the time to get outside and go wild for winter sports and activities!

If there isn’t any snow in the valley it can make winter quite boring! But luckily we have a great mountain full of winter activities to participate in that is just 16 miles north of Boise!

The mountain as most people know is called Bogus Basin!

Bogus has slopes with 150"-200" of natural snow, 2,600 acres of skiable terrain, 165 groomed acres for night skiing, 7 chairlifts and 2 surface conveyors covering 3 mountains with levels of skiing for both beginners and advanced.

What could make the winter more exciting than a trip up to Bogus to either ski, snowboard, or sled?

The problem for some people is making the trip up the mountain. In winter weather this trip can be difficult. Especially if you don’t have a reliable source of transportation or if you have a large group wanting to make the trip and just not enough vehicles.

That is why Caldwell Transportation will drive you up the mountain and bring you home at the end of the day.

We have a wide variety of pickup times and locations for your convenience.

Caldwell Transporation takes the stress out of making the trip up to Bogus and often times it is cheaper to travel with us then it is to travel on your own.

Our prices are as follows:

  • Round-trip (purchase from driver upon boarding bus) $13.00
  • One-way (purchase from driver upon boarding bus) $8.00
  • Book of 10 tickets $117.00
  • 9:00pm departure from Bogus $2.00 additional charge (round-trip, one-way)

So if you are sick of sitting around the house and are itching to get on the mountain then contact us today for a trip up to Bogus!

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