More Whitewater Safety Tips

River Rafting Idaho

River rafting is about as much fun as you can have in Idaho. There's still plenty of time to go, and you have Caldwell Transportation to get you there. We've given you some tips for your whitewater adventure to help you prepare for your trip. In this post, we'll give you some tips on what to do if you fall out of your boat.

Don't Panic

Nearly everyone who rafts any number of times finds themselves in the water at some point. If this happens to you, your first step is not to panic. Swim to the surface. If you are having trouble getting to the surface due to recirculation (also called a hole), swim to the side and try again.


Once you surface, catch your breath. Take deep breaths in case you are pulled under. Be careful where you step -- your ankle could get stuck. Immediately start looking for your boat. If it is close, you can grab on to it. If not, decide how you should swim to it. If you are riding out some rapids, lie back and put your feet in front of you. Your helmet, PFD, and feet will protect you from rocks. Once you are clear of the rapids.


When you see the boat or the shore, begin swimming. Watch for obstacles and don't let yourself tire out. If you run into whitewater again, flip back to your back as discussed in step 3.

Get in the Boat

Once you reach your raft, use your arms and legs to get in. If someone assists you, they will grab onto your PFD -- be sure to work with them and not pull them in, too.

Your guide will let you know the safety and rescue procedures for your rafting trip, but knowing a bit about it ahead of time will only make you feel more secure.

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