Our River Shuttle Service is Your Ticket to the Rapids

River Rafting Shuttle

We love living in Idaho, don't you? Adventure is waiting right outside our doors, and all you have to do is get out there and enjoy it. One of our favorite activities is river rafting, and the perfect summer rafting trip is already on our minds. Are you ready to hit the rapids?

If you're heading to Stanley for a rafting trip, the easiest way to get there is with our convenient River Shuttle Service. We offer a comprehensive transportation service that will take over the details of getting to your destination and home, allowing you to focus on the fun of another Idaho summer. So kick back, grab your gear and your favorite book, and relax on your bus ride to adventure.

Why Choose a Shuttle?

You may be a college student without a ride. Or maybe you want to chat with your whole group of friends on the trip to your destination. Maybe you're just looking to save some gas money. Whatever the reason, choosing Caldwell Transportation's River Shuttle is a great way to start your summer fun.

Here are a few reasons why the River Shuttle could be right for you:

  • Fast, easy, convenient. What's easier than leaving the driving to a professional? This is, after all, your vacation, right? Don't stress about the winding roads and the gas mileage; just jump in and go.
  • Safe and fun. Driving can be stressful, and a worried driver is an unsafe driver. On the other hand, having too much fun on the road can also be dangerous. If you're rather not be distracted from your conversations with friends or your view of gorgeous Idaho scenery, let us take you there.
  • Goodbye, "shortcuts." Let's be honest, we've all gotten lost on the way to something fun. Why waste time traveling the wrong direction when you could be having a good time? We know the way!

It's time for some summer fun. Let us take you there! Contact Caldwell Transportation today.

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