Plan your Family Reunion with Ease

Family Reunion and Boise Transportation

When planning a family reunion what is the main problem one might experience? Yes, it is the problem getting everyone there. Transportation can be a hassle for anyone. When you have a dozen or so people trying to make their way to the big event, it might be a little stressful. You want people to show up, right? Well, unfortunately due to the stress that comes with transportation can prevent relatives from wanting to come. It can be pricey too! We’re talking about the transportation costs of family members flying in, along with the possibility of having to rent a car as well.

That is when charter transportation comes into play. Charter transportation is available to save time, money, and stress when planning events as big as family reunions. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick your poison – School bus or motor coach? You pick.
    • Each school bus seats up to 44 passengers. It can be a fun way of getting everyone there at the same time! The children will love it too—come up with a couple fun songs to sing along the way and you’re in business. ) Plan your family reunion with ease
    • Deluxe motor coaches feature amenities such as TV & video monitors, PA systems, reclining seats, and restrooms. Tell your family members that you’re renting them a deluxe motor coach to accommodate them to the main event, and you’re guaranteed that they will want to come!
  2. Get a quote – Call Caldwell Transportation at 800-727-9925 (toll-free) or 208-459-6612 (local) and let them help you determine the most cost-effective way in accommodating you and your family.
  3. Rent it – Be sure to smile, laugh, sit back and relax on the way to your successfully executed family reunion! Congratulations. Be sure to bring your camera and take pictures!

Caldwell Transportation is a reliable source in preparing those rare occasions where you and your family can come together. Whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, or a birthday party—they are there to help you make it happen.

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