Planning a Family Reunion? Check out Sun Valley

Family reunion in Sun Valley

Family reunions can be a blast--but not if there's nothing to do but mill around, awkwardly talk to relatives you haven't heard from in years, and try to avoid uncomfortable small-talk. If this kind of family reunion sends shivers down your spine, you're in luck. When you catch a charter bus to Sun Valley, your family reunion won't just be easy and painless--it'll be fun!

Why Sun Valley?

Of course, Idaho boasts countless prime locations for an enjoyable family reunion--so why is Sun Valley so special? It's a location unlike any other, full of so many opportunities for fun and bonding that there won't be any time for awkward small-talk. On top of the wide variety of winter sports, from skiing to snowboarding, you can go on a sleigh ride, catch a movie, go bowling, watch an ice skating show, and then head back to bed in one of countless exciting lodging options that can fit your entire family. The only question left is how you'll get everyone there without losing track of an uncle--and our charter buses are the perfect answer!

How Charter Buses Save Family Reunions

A charter bus can be your biggest ally when it comes to planning and organizing a family reunion in Sun Valley. Why? Here's a quick look!

  • Safety. The biggest concern during travel is always safety, and when you take a charter bus, you're in the care of professional drivers who know how to handle every road condition. Plus, you'll be able to catch up with everyone without worrying about steering off the road while you're talking!
  • Gas. It's not very efficient to have everyone drive up to Sun Valley separately. Imagine all the money in gas that's going out the window--plus all the chaos and disorganization if someone gets lost. Taking a charter bus is gas-efficient and family-reunion-efficient, providing carefree travel for everyone.
  • Time. Trying to organize a whole caravan worth of different cars, all coming from different places, is no easy task--and it's likely to go wrong one way or another. That's why taking a charter bus is proven to be faster and more painless: the only thing you need to worry about is getting on the bus.

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