Prepare for Bogus Basin Season!

skiing at bogus basin

Winter is getting ever closer, and for people all across the Treasure Valley (and all across the state!) that means it's time to get ready for another season at Bogus Basin. Our experts on the bus to Bogus know the ins and outs of preparing for a fun season--so here's a handy preparation guide to get you ready!


The first thing you need to do to get ready for another fun winter at Bogus Basin is do your homework. For most of us, homework usually doesn't lead to fun, but this is much different--especially with live snow tracking reports you can use to keep an eye on the conditions 24/7. In the days leading up to "Bogus season," remember to check out all of your resources for information on conditions, forecasts, and more--and be careful that you know when the information was last updated. Once you know what to expect, the next step is to decide what you're going to do. Bogus boasts a lot of options for winter fun, so making a solid plan can help you get in everything you want.

What to Consider

What are some of your options to fill up this Bogus season? Here's a quick look from our experts on the bus to Bogus Basin!

  • SnowSchool. SnowSchool is a unique program that encourages kids to get outside and learn about the world around them by utilizing one thing that Bogus has plenty of the snow. SnowSchool begins the hunt for volunteers early in the season. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer or in other fun activities like building an igloo, check this out!
  • Lessons. One of the greatest parts about Bogus Basin is that it provides opportunities for everyone to enjoy the winter fun--no matter how good (or not so good) you might be at winter sports. Bogus offers many different packages for lessons, including private, multi-week, and kid-friendly classes.
  • Plan ahead. The most important thing to consider when you're planning your fun at Bogus is planning ahead. Check the weather in advance. Book lessons or activities early. And, of course, figure out how you're going to get there and back again! Our bus to Bogus Basin is always ready to take you right into the heart of the fun, so all you have to worry about is what you're going to do once you're there.

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