Putting the "Sun" in Sun Valley

Bike Trail in Sun Valley

Why Travel from Boise to Sun Valley?

Summer doesn't last forever, so travelers like you have to be picky with your time--but if there's one thing that absolutely must go on your summer bucket list, it's a trip from Boise to Sun Valley. Here are just a few enticing Sun Valley activities that will make you want to grab your camera, pack your luggage, and get on the road!

Putting the "Sun" in Sun Valley

It might be known as a winter ski resort, but they call it Sun Valley for a reason. This one-of-a-kind Idaho town boasts plenty of summer fun, adventure, and relaxation for all the travelers in your life--so to help you narrow down your list, we've compiled some of the best opportunities to have fun in the sun!

Go mountain-climbing

Okay, maybe you won't need ropes and picks to climb these mountains, but Sun Valley does offer a variety of high-altitude hiking and biking opportunities. Whether you're in the mood for a leisurely stroll or a challenging adventure, Bald Mountain is the best place to start.

Go paragliding

Looking for a thrill and a gorgeous view? Muster up your courage and try paragliding over the gorgeous landscape. You'll get a bird's eye view of mountains, wildlife, and maybe even the less courageous members of your party watching from below!

Step back in time

Hemingway fans will find plenty to be fascinated by in Sun Valley--like the Sun Valley Lodge, where he finished For Whom the Bell Tolls. You can also step even further back in time and visit the Pioneer Saloon, where the Old West in all its glory provides the perfect backdrop for mouthwatering modern cuisine.

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