Reasons why your school may need to charter a bus

Most people when they think of a bus they envision riding the bus to school as a child. Buses are used on a daily basis to transport children to schools all around the area.

Schools can charter buses through a company like Caldwell Transportation. But there are many more reasons why a school would need to charter a bus aside from needing to get children to school in the morning and back to their homes in the evening.

In elementary, junior high and high school’s there are many activities going on, on a daily basis that can require a bus for the transportation of the students.

Activities such as:

  • Field trips: Most schools bring each grade on numerous field trips during the school year. The parents can’t be expected to attend each field trip and provide transportation for the students so schools need to charter a bus. Whether the field trip is in the same town or a few towns away there is still a need to get all of the students and teachers there safely.
  • Sports: Throughout the entire school year students have many sports going on such as volleyball, tennis, basketball, football, baseball and more. Not all of these games are home games so the school needs to get their teams to each and every one of their away games on time! Chartering a bus is the most simple way to guarantee each student will be there and on time!

So not only do schools need to use buses to get their students to school and back to home but they also need to charter a bus to get them to sporting events, field trips and school functions that are away from the school.

If you are a school in need of a charter bus then contact us today!

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