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Idaho River Rafting

It's almost summertime, the peak season of travel, adventure, and fun. Especially in our beautiful state, families and individuals are planning their summer getaways and day trips.

Have you started your planning? What kind of transportation budget have you worked out? To lower costs and crank up the fun, consider using Caldwell Transportation's Shuttle Service.

The Perfect Shuttle for River Season

If you're ready to head up to Stanley to enjoy the rapids, climb on board our river shuttle.

It's fast, simple, and cost effective! Here's all you need to know:

  1. We leave from the Boise Air Terminal at 4:00 pm, arriving in Stanley at around 7:00 pm
  2. This is the part where you enjoy two beautiful days on the river in gorgeous Stanley, Idaho
  3. We depart Stanley's Mountain Village Lodge at 7:00 am, arriving back at the Boise Air Terminal around 10:00 am

One way: $96 per person
Round trip: $187 per person

See the Majesty of the Sawtooths with Caldwell Transportation

Are you ready to enjoy Stanley this summer? Don't spend your trip up to the river crammed into a car searching a map for directions. Instead, reserve your spot on our river shuttle, and bring your whole family with you.

There are many reasons people choose the river shuttle over driving themselves. For instance, with the shuttle, you can enjoy your entire group's company on the way to your vacation rather than splitting into separate vehicles. Or perhaps you don't want to put extra miles on your vehicle. Maybe you're looking for another way to relax on your vacation by foregoing the stress of driving. Maybe you're conscious of the price of gas and would rather not pay for fuel.

Whatever your reason for choosing Caldwell Transportation, we'll be glad to see you this summer. Book your ticket to summer today!

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