Rules of the Road to Live By

So you consider yourself an aficionado of the road? Like Hemmingway was to bull fighting and Sangria, you are to road trips and all things to do with travel by highway? Road trips can be a fun event to experience with friends and family and can make for some hilarious stories when it’s all said and done.

If you were to post rules of the road to live by, what would they be? At Caldwell Transportation, we understand the road like Hemmingway understood a prized bull. We live it, we breath it, we feel it. That’s why we felt that it was incumbent of us to post some rules of our own. These rules, if properly followed, can turn any road trip or other adventure to a safe and fun time for all participants.

  1. Stay on Track- Although this rule doesn’t bar you from getting a little sidetracked to check out the world’s largest ball of yarn off of exit 55, it does require you to maintain a relatively good pace when traveling on the road. Typically, you would like to arrive at your destination at some point.
  2. Maintain Good Road Etiquette- Nothing is worse than having to deal with bad drivers when you’re on a long road trip, so it’s important that you’re not one either. Use your lights even if it’s only starting to get dark. Remember that using headlights isn’t only so you can see but it’s so others can see you.
  3. Maintain a good gas schedule- The last thing you want to happen is to run out of gas, especially if you happen to be in the middle of nowhere (cue creepy banjo music). Make sure you always have enough in your tank and be aware of when the next time you’re able to get gas is.
  4. Arrive Alive- Remember that the ultimate goal for any road trip is to arrive at your destination safely. If that means having to take it easy on the corners, by all means take your time. Arriving alive should be your number one priority.

Now that you’re armed with some awesome tips for the road, you can take that road trip you’re always talking about!

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