Ski Season is Here!

Ski season is here.

Some exciting news for snow bunnies: ski season is coming!

For Idahoans, ski season is a big deal. Idaho skiing and snowboarding are well known across the country. And, Bogus Basin is a top destination for Boise residents and visitors for some great skiing and snowboarding. Located just 16 miles north of Boise, Bogus offers great runs and beautiful views.

Bogus: A Brief History

Ever wonder how Bogus got its name? Well, in the 1800s, some con-artists tried to capitalize on the area's gold rush and created some fake gold dust in the area that is now the Bogus Basin recreation area.

Later, the area was deemed well suited for a local ski resort to offer winter recreation and to help boost the area's economy. It took time and effort to raise the needed funds to get Bogus running. Fortunately, some funding was available through Franklin D. Roosevelt's Works Project Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps. Thanks to the hard work of the community and multiple organizations and donors, in the 1930s enough funds were raised to build the recreation area.

Plan Your Adventure

Bogus Basin today offers snow, sun, and fun to Idahoans and visitors. Get your gear together and start planning your snow day.

Getting there is the easiest part! Caldwell Transportation can get you there! We offer easy, affordable transport to and from Bogus. Contact us today to learn more about our Bogus Basin shuttles.

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