So You've Never Been Whitewater Rafting?

White Water Rafting

The most difficult part of deciding to go whitewater rafting is deciding which stretch of river to attack. North America is known for their beautiful white water. Say you were to close your eyes and point at a spot on a map of the United States, besides the middle, you're going to find a great white water river.

So Which River Do I Choose?

Each rapid is rated on a class system, from easy to difficult. This is known as the International Scale of Whitewater Difficulty, ratings go from Class I to Class VI. Here is a good way to break down the various aspects of whitewater rafting and finding the best rapid for you:  

  • Little – these are ideal for children, if you're with children, or don’t handle new situations well i.e. scared. Class I and II are little rapids and do not contain a lot of ups and downs. This is can be easily navigated and a low chance of falling out of the raft.  
  • Medium – this is a class III rapid. These rapids require participation from not only your instructor but you as well. If you don’t quite understand what you are doing, nothing to major will happen, the consequences will be meniscal. Some Class IV rapids are classified in the medium category but the stakes are typically higher and you’ll definitely have to help navigate. People who are moderately active are encouraged to participate in medium rapids.  
  • Big – here is where you will experience turbulent waves that move the raft around, you will definitely need to help with momentum in order to get through the rapids. These rapids can be long, contain hidden obstacles, unavoidable obstacles, or a combo of all three. These rapids are usually in bigger rivers and individuals choosing to tackle big rapids should have a desire for adventures.  
  • Huge – this is classified as Class V rapids, maybe the occasional Class IV. These rapids are a lot like being in violent rapids. The people who like to tackle these kinds of rapids are also the kind of people who enjoy, long backpacking trips, skydiving and mountain climbing. You should be physically and mentally in shape and ready for anything.

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