Spring is Here and so are River Shuttles!

Spring is here, time to think about river rafting

Today marks the first official full day of spring, which also means that rafting season is just around the corner. We hope you’ve been preparing as much as we have for the season to start, as we’re eager to get up to our favorite spots like Stanley and raft the Salmon River. As some of you know, we offer a Stanley river shuttle to anyone willing to brave the awesome rapids on the Salmon River during the summer season.

For those of you who don’t know, our river shuttles have become quite famous in the Treasure Valley. We do a great job of ferrying guests up to Stanley in a safe manner and then down again the next day or whenever you feel like you need to hitch a ride back with us.

Our River Shuttle is a great way to escape the hassle of the valley for a while, come to the mountains, and get some fresh air. All of this and not to mention the actual white water rafting that you’re able to do once you’re at your desired destination. Have we caught your interest? We’ve listed below some of the essential things you need to know before using our River Shuttle.

  • The shuttle departs the Boise Air Terminal at 4 pm where we arrive in Stanley at about 7 pm that night. At this point, you spend the night, wake up the next day and enjoy a fun day on the river.
  • The shuttle then departs the Mountain Village Lodge in Stanley at 7 am on Sunday and we arrive at the Boise Air Terminal at approximately 10 am. Sounds easy right? That’s because it is.
  • The cost for this great service is $96 per person one-way or $187 per person round trip.

If you need more information on this great way to get out of the city, contact us today!

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