Staying Safe on the Rivers this Summer

Be safe on the Salmon River

Caldwell Transportation is happy to have been operating river shuttles for quite some time now, having shuttled thousands of folks back and forth between the Treasure Valley and some of the best river destinations in the state. Because we are fans of the great outdoors, we love to show first-timers and veterans alike just how awesome summers in Idaho can be. Our river shuttles are responsible for taking our clients to the river and keeping them safe on the road, but unfortunately we can’t be responsible for keeping them safe on the river.

This can only be done by the individual and the experienced rafters who are the river guides or part of the outfitter. We are also assuming that you may be familiar with some of the different safety precautions when it comes to rafting a river. If not, we are happy to provide some advice when it comes to rafting and actual rivers with some challenging rapids. Staying safe on the river is mostly common sense, with the rest of the instruction coming from your river guide.

Ways to safe on the rivers this summer include:

  • Always Wear a Life Jacket- While this is a no-brainer in terms of river and water safety, you would also be surprised how often this simple rule is ignored. Wearing a life vest when participating in any water sports is just smart, but it is a necessity when rafting. When going through rapid, members of the boat may fall out, and a life vest will keep them afloat.
  • Always Raft with an Experienced Guide- Depending on what type of river you’re planning on hitting, it pays to have an experienced guide with you. It also makes sense to have a river guide that is familiar with the particular river you’re planning on rafting. While water levels play a huge role in how a rapid or river flows, it will still be better to have someone who is experienced in with a specific river.
  • Wear a Helmet- This is in the same vein as wearing a life jacket. Wearing a helmet can reduce injury if you are flung from the raft and hit a rock with your body. The same principle applies when riding a bike, so take this seriously. This is another form of safety common sense that should be applied whenever doing a risky activity.

These tips are a great start to making sure you make it down the river safely. You let us handles the river shuttle and getting you to your destination, but you need to be prepared to handle the rest of the trip.

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