Staying Safe on Your Idaho River Raft Experience

River Rafting Safety

You want your Idaho river raft trip to be an adventure you'll never forget, but you want all those memories to be good ones. Planning for your trip includes brushing up on some basic safety tips.

Stay Safe Out There

Idaho is famous for its world-class river raft experiences. Whether you're a first-time rafter or someone with years of experience, your safety must never come second.

Here are a few tips for staying safe on your next Idaho river raft trip.

  1. Brush up on the basics. If you're new to river rafting, take some time to read up on the sport. Talk to experienced rafters for some insider tips, and be honest about your abilities. Everyone was a newbie at one time.

  2. Choose the river raft trip that matches your experience level. You won't enjoy your trip if you sign up for a Class IV trip on your first time out on the river, and you could put yourself and others in danger. Choose a classification that matches your skill level, then slowly work up to something more challenging.

  3. Don't go it alone. Whether you choose to river raft with an experienced outfitter or head out on an unguided excursion, it's never wise to go alone. The Idaho wilderness is breathtakingly beautiful, but it also poses some real dangers. Going with a friend or two helps to keep everyone safe.

  4. Listen to your guide. Even if you're an experienced rafter, you need to listen to your guide. He or she may have insider knowledge about the river or the day's expected weather patterns. And giving your guide some credit will go a long way toward helping new rafters gain confidence in their abilities.

Staying safe begins with the ride to and from the river! Contact Caldwell Transportation to book your next river raft adventure today!

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