Take the Jackpot Express this Summer

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If there is one thing that you can consider a good time, that’s taking a trip across the Idaho/Nevada border and staying in Jackpot for some Vegas-style fun. While it’s nowhere near the size of Las Vegas, Jackpot still offers almost everything you can find in its famous counterpart. The advantage of Jackpot is the fact that it’s closer to Idaho, it’s not as crowded, and way more affordable.

It’s a good thing that Caldwell Transportation offers the Jackpot Express to shuttle happy gamblers to and from this destination. When you find yourself bored during the weekend and looking for something to do, we’ll take care of your entertainment needs by shuttling you down to the miniature gambling scene that is Jackpot.

Things to do in Jackpot Include:

  • Gaming- Everyone knows that Nevada is famous for its gaming laws. People flock to the nearest craps table or the noisiest slot machine immediately after crossing the border, and your experience may be no different. Jump on the Jackpot Express and find yourself in the gaming pit of Cactus Petes to see for yourself.
  • Dining- Jackpot offers a variety of dining experiences that everyone can enjoy. Buffets with endless options, authentic Mexican food, and other choices make your time spent in between gambling delicious. Part of the experience at Jackpot is the dining options that are presented to the guests.
  • Entertainment- Cactus Petes is the spot in Jackpot for shows and entertainment. If you do happen to be in a Jackpot during the time of a show, we highly recommend checking it out when you’re not too busy playing games or eating the delicious food. With the best entertainment record in town, Cactus Petes is sure not to disappoint.
  • Shopping- When you finally have had enough of the other activities or are looking for a break, then it’s time to hit the numerous shopping possibilities in Jackpot. With many different stores selling a variety of goods, you’re sure to find something that is just right for you.

With something for everyone, Jackpot can truly be a fun escape for anyone wishing to get out of town for the weekend.

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