Think Bogus Shuttles this Winter!

Shuttle to bogus basin

The drop in temperature and the leaves changing colors mean more than just the fall months approaching; they also signal a changing bus schedule! Specifically, we’re referring to the last couple runs up to beautiful Stanley, Idaho and transitioning to runs up to Bogus Basin for some days full of skiing. If you’re unfamiliar with our Bogus runs, you’ll be surprised to know that we have a full Saturday schedule designed to charter up to the mountain. Click here for more information concerning our Saturday Bogus Basin runs.

So now, instead of shredding through the rushing whitewater, you can try your hand at shredding through some fresh powder. A round trip to and from the mountain only costs you $13.00 (pay the driver upon boarding the bus), and a one-way ticket is only $8.00. If you’re the type that likes to plan ahead, there’s even an option of booking 10 tickets for $117.00. What a steal!

So don’t be depressed about the summer waning. Be excited for the changing season and the fact that in a few short months, you can rest easy as a skilled and professional driver get you to the Treasure Valley’s favorite winter pastime. Contact us to learn more!

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