Tips for a Successful Trip on the River

Salmon River Shuttles_Listen to your river guide

Since we love to run river shuttles for our customers, we know a thing or two about being on the river. Although we’re not experienced guides, we still think it’s important that everyone knows a little bit about the river they are about to raft. It is also important to note that we are very big on safety to ensure that no one gets hurt.

That’s why we have provided you with some simple tips to follow before getting on the river! Years of running river shuttles have conditioned us to know a little bit about the river floating game, so below are some great tips to stay safe on the river.

  • Always wear the right gear- This may be safety tip number one, and common sense, but you never can say this enough. When you’re on the river, be sure to wear your safety gear. This includes life vests, helmets, and any other gear your river guide prescribes.
  • Listen to your River Guide- The chances are that your river guide has been down the river you are about to embark on more than you can count. That gives the river guide quite a bit of authority on the river, and the orders he or she will give you are meant to look out for your safety.
  • Know the River- Before going down the river, you may want to do some research beforehand. Understand the different classes of rapids and what you can expect from each one. Then understand what types of classes and how many lay ahead of you. Make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re doing.

Ready for the River? So are we! Make sure to use some of these tips plus the advice given to you by your river guide for a safe and fun trip!

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