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Whitewater River Rafting FAQs

orange raft on river bank

Whitewater rafting is an exciting adventure for the whole family--one that's sure to make your trip unforgettable. Before you jump into those rapids, though, you probably have a few questions--and we have the answers. Sit back and relax as we tell you everything you need to know to get out there and enjoy the beautiful Idaho outdoors!

Take a Winery Tour in Caldwell

three people tasting wine in a vineyard

Looking for a real taste of Idaho? There's no better way to experience the flavor of the Northwest than a winery tour--and there's no better place than Caldwell, ID! Here's what you need to know to get started on your very own winery adventure.

Hiring a Charter Bus for Your Winery Tour

Before you start charting a course through Caldwell's best wineries, you need to get your transportation all lined up. That's where a charter bus comes in.

Taking Kids on a Charter Bus: Tips & Tricks

mom and her daughter are looking through the bus window

Road trips are a great experience for families. They're also the perfect chance to spend some quality time together--but if you don't have plans for how to keep kids entertained while on the road, that quality time can quickly turn into exhausting time. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get your little ones excited about a trip on a charter bus. Here's what you need to know!

Visitor's Guide to Camping in the Gem State

welcome to Idaho sign alongside a road at sunset

Are you visiting Idaho?

5 Tips for Long Trips on a Charter Bus

man on charter bus smiling

Charter transportation might be one of the best ways to get around, but did you know you can make it even better?

Charter a Bus for Your Next Trip

woman looking at a map, planning her trip

Are you planning a family reunion or company trip in the near future that a large number of people will be attending? If so, one of the factors in planning this awesome trip is probably transportation.

A Beginner's Guide to Renting a Charter Bus

close up of front of two charter buses

Are you planning a huge family reunion? Trying to get everyone together for a company retreat? Just trying to have some fun with your friends? No matter the reason or the occasion, renting a charter bus is often the first step in making your adventures simple and stress-free.

Never used charter transportation before? You've come to the right place. Today we'll help you get started on the right foot!

How to Pack For Charter Transportation

Someone packing their suitcase

Whether you're headed off on a company retreat, family reunion, or fun-filled getaway with your friends, charter transportation is the best way to get your journey off on the right foot. But before the fun begins, you need to know what to pack--and what you might be better off leaving at home.

Spring Skiing in Sun Valley (And More!)

skier going downhill on Bald Mountain, Idaho

Although skiing might seem like a winter sport, anything's possible in Sun Valley! Here's why you should pack up your gear and head to the gem of the Gem State for some skiing this spring.


What is a Charter Bus?

charter bus traveling to mountain destination

Picture this: You're in your car, headed home from a shopping trip, when you spot a bus out your window. It's not a school day, and not all of the smiling faces inside belong to children--so what exactly is this bus?

Read on to find out--and to learn how you can be on the other side of the window the next time this bus rolls by!

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