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Ski Season is Here!

Ski season is here.

Some exciting news for snow bunnies: ski season is coming!

For Idahoans, ski season is a big deal. Idaho skiing and snowboarding are well known across the country. And, Bogus Basin is a top destination for Boise residents and visitors for some great skiing and snowboarding. Located just 16 miles north of Boise, Bogus offers great runs and beautiful views.

Take the Bus to Bogus!

Bogus Basin Ski Resport

Idaho weather is getting colder. I’m sure this excites all of those avid skiers and snowboarders out there. Once Bogus Basin opens, locals will start flooding the gates to get their thrills by taking a smooth ride down the snow-covered mountains.

Some Really Great Reasons to Take the Bus

Some of you might be wondering how you’re going to make it up to Bogus this year. Whether you'd prefer not to navigate the snowy roads by yourself or you've got a bunch of friends going along for the ride, the Boise Ski Bus is a great option.

Charter a Bus for Your Group’s Next Excursion!

Corporate Bus

Have you been put in charge of organizing your company's next excursion? Whether it's a corporate get-away or a trip to headquarters, the logistics of getting everyone to the same place at the same time can cause some serious headaches. That's where the benefits of chartering a corporate bus come in!

Corporate bus charters for company trips, outings and picnics allows you to concentrate on other trip details while leaving the driving and navigating to us.

Charter A Bus for Your Next Away Game

Away Game Bus Chartering

If you're a part of a city league or private sports team, you know that a big part of the experience is going to away games and tournaments. The difficulty lies in getting the entire team to the game without any problems.

Nobody wants to get left behind, and every team member is important. Carpooling and caravanning are options that often don't work out. People get separated from the group, car troubles arise or the weather makes things difficult—all of which add up to stress instead of the fun you should be experiencing!

The Salmon River

Rafting Salmon River Idaho

Idaho offers many amazing sights, sounds, adventures, and feelings. Feast your senses on Idaho's Salmon River.

The Salmon River is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Also known as The River of No Return, the Salmon stretches on for over 400 miles through rugged landscape. Rafting the Salmon gives you stunning views of untouched wilderness and glimpses of some of Idaho's amazing wildlife.

River Rafting FAQs

River Raft

We talk a lot about river rafting here at Caldwell Transportation. But, it's a quintessential Idaho experience that many wait all year for. For those who haven't yet experienced the majestic Salmon River on a exciting, action-packed whitewater adventure, you may have some questions beyond what to bring or how to stay safe.


Start Planning Next Year's River Rafting

River Rafting Idaho

Whether you had a chance to raft Idaho's rivers this summer, or you just dreamed about it, it's not too early to start planning for next year. Give yourself something to look forward to during the long winter months and plot out an amazing experience river rafting Idaho.

What to Bring River Rafting

Idaho River Rafting

After all the planning that goes into setting up your Idaho river rafting adventure, it's easy to overlook one of the most important parts: packing. Depending on the time of year you go rafting, you'll want to bring specific types of clothing. And, there are important things you'll want to pack no matter when you go. This is a brief guide to help you start planning the next part of your trip: packing.

Have You Planned Your Rafting Trip?

River Rafting Idaho

Rafting is amazing, especially in Idaho. There's something for everyone: scenic views for nature lovers, exhilaration for adventurers, exercise for the fitness nuts. River rafting offers different grades of rapids, and different times of year offer various perks. If you're thinking of next year's adventure, here are some things to consider about whitewater rafting in Idaho.

There's Still Time to Shoot the Rapids

River Raft

Is river rafting on your bucket list? Why not start planning your adventure today? Idaho offers some of the best whitewater in the world. If you are planning your first river raft trip, here are some must-know bits of information regarding white water rafting.

Water Safety

It's important to go into your trip feeling comfortable in the water and comfortable with the rafting rules and etiquette. Your guide will go over the basics with you, but here is what you should know beforehand:

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