Weekend Adventures: Hiking and Rafting

Idaho River Rafting Shuttles

You've got one precious weekend away, and you don't want to waste it--but you're not sure what to do. Sound familiar? Well, we just so happen to have the answers you've been craving: don't waste your weekend--get out, breathe some fresh air, and take a hike and a river rafting adventure (and don't worry about transportation; we've got that covered, too).

Hiking and Rafting

Combining a hiking trip and a river rafting adventure is the perfect way to spend a weekend away. Why? Idaho's pristine Salmon River offers so many experiences that you can't take it all in if you just hike or just go rafting. To get the most out of a trip to the Salmon River (and to fully appreciate every precious second of your weekend), you'll want to do a little bit of everything, and a hiking/rafting combination is perfect. It meets the needs of the avid adventurer, the sight-seer, the wildlife enthusiast, and even the sit-on-the-riverbank-with-a-book type of person--all within two days. And, if you're still not convinced, then consider this: getting there and back again is easier than ever with our Idaho River Rafting Shuttles!

Things to See and Do

What could your rafting and hiking adventure look like? Here are a few suggestions from our experts!

  • Indian Creek. This one's for the tree-hugger in all of us. Indian Creek boasts a beautiful glen full of unique Pacific Yew trees, known not only for their production of a cancer-fighting product but also for their strange and wonderful "marbled bark." This is one hike you definitely want to add to your itinerary.
  • Jim Moore's Place. Imagine taking a trip into the early 1900's, where cars full of wide-eyed adventurers pulled up and emptied their travel-weary cargo right in front of quaint wooden cabins. Well, at Jim Moore's Place, you can walk into this period of history, see the sights, and be back home on Monday.
  • Raft adventures. Although hiking offers countless sights and experiences, the river demands to be enjoyed in a more thrilling way, too--and there's no better way than with a rafting adventure. Salmon River rafting experiences cater to romance, history, sight-seeing, relaxation, or excitement on the rapids, and it's all up to you.

Interested in more info on what to do for a weekend away? Looking to catch a ride on one of our Idaho River Rafting Shuttles? Contact us today!

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