What to Explore in Treasure Valley

Often people seek to travel to new areas in order to explore. While there is joy in discovering new regions and wonders, there is also great pleasure in exploring the local area. Residents living near Caldwell, Idaho, for example, have many adventures to choose to embark on close to home.

Idaho is one of the most environmentally diverse states. There is a ton to explore in the state and the surrounding region. Southwestern Idaho, often referred to as treasure valley, is home to Boise and popular metropolitan area Caldwell. It is an especially unique and exciting area to visit and explore because of its diversity and natural beauty.

When discovering the many things Treasure Valley and nearby areas have to offer, be sure to consider the following thrilling experiences and locations:

Cactus Pete’s and The Horseshu

A classy casino and resort designed for fun. Whether staying at the resort or taking a bus to the casino for a day, there is plenty of entertainment.

Bogus Basin

One of the most popular winter wonderlands in the area, Bogus Basin has opportunities for skiing, snowshoeing, and otherwise enjoying the snow season.

Boise Museums

Many different museums find a home in Boise, a popular cultural center. Art, history, and other fields are honored in such museums and enjoyed by millions of visitors.

  • Basque Museum and Cultural Center
  • Idaho State Historical Museum
  • Idaho Black History Museum
  • Military History Museum
  • Parks and Rivers

Several rivers are accessible in Treasure Valley, along with parks like Bruneau Dunes State Park. Within such parks or while visiting any of the beautiful rivers in the area, there are plenty of incredible sights to explore. Bird watching is popular in the area as well, especially at such natural locations.

Using a bus service is a great way to explore many of the attractions of Treasure Valley. Buses offer services to many of the popular destinations during particular seasons. Consider touring the area, even as a local, because there is so much to take in.

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