Whitewater Safety: Part Two

River Rafting Idaho

Now that you know the basics of whitewater safety, let's take a look at staying safe on the water.

Idaho river rafting is a fun and exhilarating experience. Part of that experience involves staying safe on the raft. Your supplies are some of the most important parts of rafting safety. The supplies you'll want to know about are:

  • Helmet: Most guide companies will require helmets. Even if they do not, you should wear one anyway.
  • Personal Flotation Device (PFD): Make sure it isn't outdated. Bottom line -- always wear it. And never, ever loosen it.
  • Other Items: To avoid a painful sunburn, be sure to bring along sunscreen. Even if the day is overcast, you can still burn! You'll also want a water bottle as dehydration will definitely ruin your trip. Stay hydrated! Other possible items might include wetsuits, thermals, or splash jackets if it is chilly.

In addition to having the right supplies, there is one other incredibly important component of river rafting: ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR GUIDE. Your guide will initially give you the important information you need for the trip, and will have commands for you and the rest of the group during the trip. Listen up!

On the water, you will also need to pay attention to your T-Grip (the T in your paddle). It's easy to forget during the excitement that there are others nearby who might get hit in the head by your paddle. This could lead to irritation at best, injury at worst.

Finally, don't worry! The statistics show that only a very small percentage of people are injured. Most rescues are done by someone on the boat.

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