Why You Need to go to Sun Valley

Boise to Sun Valley

There's a difference between wanting to get to Sun Valley and needing to get to Sun Valley. If you want to get there from Boise, you peruse a couple of informational sites, flip vaguely through your calendar without making any decisions, and eventually decide that travel is too big of a hassle. When you need to get there--like you will after reading this--you go to any lengths to find transportation and get from Boise to Sun Valley ASAP. Luckily, you won't have to go too far to find the Sun Valley Express bus.

The Sun Valley Express

Before we even try to convince you that you need to get to Sun Valley, we're going to prove how easy it is--because there's no reason for you to get your hopes up only to realize you can't get from Boise to Sun Valley easily. The Sun Valley Express is our premier travel option, getting you to Sun Valley in comfort and style. You don't have to worry about routes, traffic, safety, or time; everything is taken care of by a professional driver who knows all the tips and tricks. You'll also get to enjoy the scenery, stretch out with ample leg room, and relax from the very beginning of your trip to the very end of it. Now you can get to Sun Valley--but here's why you need to.

The Sun Valley Bucket List

Our experts have spoken--these are the things you absolutely can't miss in Sun Valley!

  • Heli Skiing. This is a twist on traditional skiing--and on top of that, there's a helicopter into the bargain. You'll get to ski on familiar paths for awhile before being flown into Idaho's pristine backcountry.
  • Paragliding. Paragliding is on most bucket lists, but it's never been quite as exhilarating or beautiful as it is in Sun Valley. A certified instructor will guide you through everything, so this experience can be breathtaking in a good way.
  • Sleigh rides. There's nothing quite so quaint as a sleigh drawn by two proud, handsome horses. When you add the gorgeous scenery of Sun Valley, you end up with one memory you're bound to treasure.

Interested in more must-do activities in Sun Valley? Need to get from Boise to Sun Valley? Contact us today!

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