This Is the Winter Activity Your Family and Friends Love

Bogus Basin

Some people hate winter while others can’t get enough of the snow. While the division may never go away, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like snow tubing. Here's why people love snow tubing.

Why Snow Tubing?

Sledding has always been associated with winter and the holidays. Snow tubing is a great way to bring this image to life. Instead of climbing up a steep hill, you are carried comfortably up the mountain pulled by a conveyor lift. This technology allows you to go up and down the hill as many times as you can handle. Speaking of going down the mountain- it’s a thrill ride! At Bogus Basin, you’ll ride 800 feet to the bottom in a safe and secure tube. Snow tubing is also an easy way to bring lots of people together while doing something fun. Combining speed with a beautiful view and friends and family is the perfect way to spend a winter day.

Getting a Group Up the Mountain

Now that you’re excited to go tubing with friends and family, how do you get a group up the mountain? You could drive, but that requires organizing multiple vehicles, and some people may be uncomfortable driving a windy mountain road in winter conditions. There are a few options for getting your group to Bogus Basin as one entity. Your first choice is to take the Bogus Basin Ski Bus. Round trip tickets are $13.00 and guarantee that you have a ride back down the mountain. The Bogus Basin Bus is a great choice for smaller groups. If you are taking a large group of friends and family, you should consider renting a shuttle service. This is an economical and efficient way to get everyone to Bogus safely.

To learn more about getting your friends and family to Bogus Basin for a fun day of snow tubing, contact us today!

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