Winter Fun Awaits in Sun Valley!

Sun Valley Idaho

There are plenty of fantastic reasons to travel to Sun Valley, and in the wintertime, the fun takes on even greater appeal. The only thing that may be keeping you from packing your gear right now is that you're not sure you can manage the drive. Travel to Sun Valley in the wintertime has its challenges, but with an experienced driver at the wheel, you can relax and enjoy the ride!

Here's why you'll want to think about packing that gear after all.

Winter in Sun Valley

If the drive is the only thing holding you back from taking a fabulous weekend jaunt to Sun Valley—Idaho's premier wintertime destination—then we've got great news for you! Whether it's the luxurious lodges for evening relaxation to skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and sleigh rides, winter in Sun Valley is truly unforgettable. And we can get you there!

Smooth Sailing All the Way!

Now that you've made up your mind to seize the day and travel to Sun Valley, here's how the Sun Valley Express can take care of you on the way there.

  • We'll handle the travel details. It's true. The only real stressful part of any trip is figuring out how to get there. This time, leave those details to us. Just decide who you want to go with and when, book your seats, then show up with your bags packed. We'll handle the rest!
  • Enjoy a relaxing drive. It's tough to relax when you're driving or helping someone navigate. When you travel on the Sun Valley express, you can let someone else worry about road conditions and navigation. Just sit back, check out the fantastic Idaho views, and unwind from your work week.

Ready to hitch a ride with us to Sun Valley? Winter awaits! Contact us to reserve your seats today!

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