Winter Fun in Stanley, Idaho

Idaho is a beautiful place with much to offer. One of the greatest places to visit in Idaho is Stanley.

Stanley provides some of the most unique natural surroundings in the world. If you are planning a trip this winter let it be to this beautiful place.

Stanley has many things to do for winter fun.

  • Skiing and snowboarding- The majestic Sawtooth Mountains offer you thousands of steep couloirs and huge untouched powder fields for your skiing and snowboarding pleasures.
  • Snowmobiling- The Sawtooth Mountains have 40 peaks of 10,000 feet and higher, over 220 inches of snow annually and 185 miles of groomed trails. It is the perfect place for snowmobilers to play without having to fight off a crowd.
  • Snowshoeing- Stanley has a great amount of terrain with breathtaking views and piles of snow perfect for a day out and about on snowshoes.
  • Tubing- Grab an inner tube and come slide down one of Stanley’s many hills on your butt, belly or back, either way, it will be a blast.
  • Winter lodging- Stay for the weekend in one of Stanley’s rustic cabins and enjoy everything they have to offer.

Plan a trip to Stanley and contact Caldwell Transportation to get you and your guests there. A great time is guaranteed!

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