River Rafting FAQs

River Raft

We talk a lot about river rafting here at Caldwell Transportation. But, it's a quintessential Idaho experience that many wait all year for. For those who haven't yet experienced the majestic Salmon River on a exciting, action-packed whitewater adventure, you may have some questions beyond what to bring or how to stay safe.

Here's a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about white water river rafting.

  1. When Should I Go? Depending on when you go during the season, you can expect a different experience each time. Whether you want some calm, quiet rafting chock-full of fishing opportunities, or a wild adventure, there's a time of the season for you.

  2. Can I Bring My Kids? As with the season and condition considerations, you can definitely make it a family affair—if you plan for the best time. Check with your outfitter and do some research into when the conditions will be most compatible for your children's ages.

  3. Do I Need to be Fit? This question ties into the previous two; choosing the best time of the season makes a tremendous impact. For the wildest rides, being experienced and/or fit might carry an additional benefit. However, newcomers of any fitness level can have any enjoyable experience.

  4. Can I Bring My Camera? You'll have some amazing photo ops on your rafting trip. Check with your outfitter about the waterproof bag(s) they bring to find out about any restrictions, and to help you rest assured that your equipment won't be ruined.

  5. How Can I Find Out More? At Caldwell Transportation, we have many resources to help you get a clear picture of the whitewater experience. In addition, we can direct you to some of our favorite outfitters, so you can get expert information about the river, the guides, and the overall experience. Contact us today to learn more about river rafting, or any of the other experiences we can help you plan.

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