Idaho Salmon River Rafting

Hot springs after river rafting

When the weather turns warmer, and our minds begin to drift toward crystal-clear waters, cool rapids, swimsuits, sunscreen, and fun, it is often river rafting which comes to mind. River rafting is the perfect answer to many pleas for excitement and adventure--but Idaho Salmon River Rafting is a unique journey, simply because it offers more than one adventure at a time. That's right: you can jump on a shuttle, do some sight-seeing before you're soaked, go on your river rafting adventure, warm up with a dip in the hot springs, and then jump on a shuttle and head back home. It's a miniature vacation right here in Idaho--all you need is the right information, a good plan, and a trusty shuttle service.

Before and After Rafting

Idaho Salmon River Rafting doesn't have to be its own adventure. After all, life's a journey, not a destination; remember to make the best of it! You'll be in a great position to do a little exploring around Salmon, Idaho, picking up on the rich local history, the variety of nature adventures at your fingertips, and the beautiful city itself. Once your rafting journey is over--more on that later--you'll likely be looking for something a little slower and a little warmer, and once again, Idaho delivers. Warren Wagon Road is its miniature road trip, offering scenic views, spooky ghost town sights, and in the end, hot springs to finish off your perfect adventure.


So, you know what to do before and after rafting, but what about rafting itself? Here's a quick look at what to expect.

  • Gear. The most important thing to remember is gear. Borrow it. Buy it. Rent it. Buy it. Bring it. And, most importantly, wear it at all times. Not all adventures are safe, but this one can be--with the proper gear, of course.
  • Guides. River guides are called guides for a very good reason: they know what they're doing and where they're going, and they know how to keep everyone safe along the way. It's important to listen to these individuals to get the most enjoyment out of your adventure.
  • Details. Although details might seem like the last thing you'll want to think about while racing with rapids, it can add an entirely new level of entertainment and understanding if you do a bit of research beforehand. Know the river. Know how it moves, where it goes, and, most importantly, what to do when you're in the middle of its bright, sparkling waters.

Interested in more tips for an Idaho Salmon River Rafting adventure? Looking for a shuttle to get you there? Contact us today!

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