Catch a Shuttle to Salmon River Rafting Adventures

 Shuttle for Salmon River Idaho Rafting

There are a lot of adventures to be had on Idaho's Salmon River--so many, in fact, that you might have trouble choosing! Luckily, the experts on our Salmon River Rafting Shuttles know a thing or two about what this river has to offer.

Different Strokes, Different Folks

One of the great things about choosing a river rafting adventure is that there's an option out there for everyone. Whether you're looking for relaxation, a way to reconnect with nature, a fun overview of local history, or even a bit of romance, the Salmon River has an adventure that will suit all your needs. With different lengths, different seasons, different paths, and different guides, you can be sure that, no matter which rafting trip you choose, you're in for the adventure of a lifetime. The experts on our Idaho Salmon River Shuttles have heard feedback on several adventures available on the Salmon River, and they're eager to share their knowledge.

A Closer Look

Wondering which Salmon River rafting adventure is best for you? Here's a quick look!

  • Float trips. While "river rafting" often conjures up images of wild whitewater rapids, the Salmon River also offers the opportunity to slow down and float for awhile. Float trips like the half-day Sacajawea trip combine a relaxing journey with unparalleled sights, historical locations, and gentle waters.
  • Romantic dinner. If you're looking for a bit of romance, a Salmon River rafting adventure might be just the thing. Take a relaxing float down the river, then stop off for a romantic dinner at the water's edge.
  • Rafting and driving. For a truly epic adventure, you might want to consider vacation packages that include two legs of a journey: one by car, and one by raft. This unique experience allows adventurers to explore the trail Lewis and Clark took, offering brilliant views, historical stops, and plenty of fun for the whole family.

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