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How to Prepare for Snow Storm Travel in Idaho

Snowy Roads to Bogus Basin

Winter in Idaho creates impressive scenery, but it can make transportation difficult. When you want to go skiing or to snowboard, the last thing you want to think about is road conditions, but it’s better to be prepared. Here’s how you can handle snow storm weather in Idaho.

3 Easy Ways to Stay Safe at Bogus Basin this Winter

Skiing at Bogus Basin

We are in the midst of winter and taking full advantage of all its activities, albeit the serious lack of snow this year. We are lucky to have the Bogus Basin Mountain right in their backyard. Here are three ways to stay safe up there this winter.

4 Techniques to Improve Your Skiing

how to improve your skiing techniques

The snow is falling and finally sticking to the ground; it’s time to ski! People in the Treasure Valley are lucky to have a few resorts to choose from including Bogus Basin. Now that it’s time to head up the mountain, we can finalize preparations for this season. Here are four techniques to make sure you're ready for winter skiing.

This Is the Winter Activity Your Family and Friends Love

Bogus Basin

Some people hate winter while others can’t get enough of the snow. While the division may never go away, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like snow tubing. Here's why people love snow tubing.

How Bogus Basin Could Be Your Winter AND Summer Destination

year round actives at Bogus Basin

Coming off of two strong snow seasons at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area, the primary winter activity mountain is developing into a year-round destination. People from all over the Treasure Valley have enjoyed hiking the recreation area in summer but are mostly drawn in the winter for skiing and snowboarding. Bogus Basin has built many new features that open it up to enjoyment over multiple seasons.

Prepare for Bogus Basin Season!

skiing at bogus basin

Winter is getting ever closer, and for people all across the Treasure Valley (and all across the state!) that means it's time to get ready for another season at Bogus Basin. Our experts on the bus to Bogus know the ins and outs of preparing for a fun season--so here's a handy preparation guide to get you ready!

It's Almost Ski Time!

Praying for snow at Bogus Basin

Are you one of those people who brings others together? You are constantly planning the next event to get all of your friends out and active, and one of your favorite activities is coming up: skiing! The light powder, the company of good friends, there is nothing better. At Caldwell Transportation, we know just the spirit of fun that you are looking for, and we want to help you and your crew get up the mountain! So what are some good options for getting the whole squad to your destination, find a place to stay, rent your gear and get up to that ski hill? Let us take a look.

Appreciate the End of Summer with Sensational Biking Trails

Enjoy the mountain bike trails of Bogus Basin

Summer isn’t over yet! There is still plenty of time to get outside and enjoy all that the Bogus Basin has to offer. Here’s a great idea for some family fun in September—catch the shuttle for Bogus Basin to get in your last mountain biking trips of the summer! Remember to have fun, but always follow trail etiquette on your adventures.

Checking Up on Bogus Basin

Bogus Basin

Some types of entertainment are purely man-made. Going to the movies relies on nothing but the movie-goer and the movie-makers, and, for some of us, a trustworthy popcorn machine. Similarly, going out to dinner isn't exactly reliant on weather, environment, or some act of fate; rather, it all comes down to our biological need to eat and the ability of restaurant chefs to satisfy that need with good food.

Ski Season is Here!

Ski season is here.

Some exciting news for snow bunnies: ski season is coming!

For Idahoans, ski season is a big deal. Idaho skiing and snowboarding are well known across the country. And, Bogus Basin is a top destination for Boise residents and visitors for some great skiing and snowboarding. Located just 16 miles north of Boise, Bogus offers great runs and beautiful views.

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