Idaho River Rafting Shuttles

3 Reasons Why You Need an Idaho River Rafting Adventure This Summer

3 reasons to raft the white waters of Idaho rivers

A raft trip on an Idaho river is an event you'll never forget. If you're still on the fence about signing on, here's why we think you'll love every single moment.

Weekend Adventures: Hiking and Rafting

Idaho River Rafting Shuttles

You've got one precious weekend away, and you don't want to waste it--but you're not sure what to do. Sound familiar? Well, we just so happen to have the answers you've been craving: don't waste your weekend--get out, breathe some fresh air, and take a hike and a river rafting adventure (and don't worry about transportation; we've got that covered, too).

Idaho River Rafting Shuttles: A Family Adventure

Idaho River Rafting Shuttles

Today's families look a lot different than they used to. Everyone might be in the same room, but each person is on his or her own personal screen, hardly aware of the others. Because of this, it can seem hard to find a way to get everyone reconnected--but our Idaho River Rafting Shuttles experts know better: just get the family out for a river rafting adventure!

Safety Tips From your Idaho River Rafting Shuttles

Safety while rafting on the Idaho Rivers

If you're looking for a fun way to beat the heat, reconnect with the outdoors, and add a little bit of adventure to your life, then river rafting might just be the answer. Before you grab a paddle and head out, though, the experts from our Idaho River Rafting Shuttles would like to offer some safety tips.

Idaho River Rafting Shuttles: How to Prepare

Idaho River Rafting Shuttles

What do you think of when you envision an adventure? For some of, fantastical images come to mind--knights battling dragons, pirates sailing across the sea, heroes making epic journeys across a vast and perilous land. For others, "adventure" is a little more here-and-now: trying something new, going on vacation, having an exciting experience. For still others, adventure is more a state of mind.

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